Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evil Head Gnomes

EVIL head gnomes are attacking me. No, I am not going crazy (or I may be, but not about this). I went to bed last night with the mother of all headaches and woke up with it this morning. It felt like there were little gnomes inside my brain whacking me with pickaxes. After some significant medication and a nap in a dark room, there is only *one* evil gnome at my right temple, so here I am.

I crawled out of bed for the second time today with the intention of actually getting something done. I am making it a point to try to be productive for at least 30 minutes each day (as opposed to thinking of this time as entirely vacation). I know that sounds lame - most people are productive at least 8 hours each day. But given the choice of reading one of the 15 books I ordered to get me through the summer, playing Pikmin, or cleaning the bathroom, guess what I don't choose? But today was going to be different, I swear.

Unfortunately the head gnome still using his pick axe on my right temple doesn't want me to do anything productive.

EVIL HEAD GNOME: Hahahaha! I FOIL your attempts at productivity today!
ME: I took like seven medicines. Why are you still there?
EVIL HEAD GNOME: Your paltry attempt to destroy me makes me LAUGH! Hahahahaha!
ME: That's not very nice, Evil Head Gnome. Today I had really counted on doing some house work - maybe cleaning the bathroom.
EVIL HEAD GNOME: No - you will instead do my evil bidding.
ME: If by "evil bidding" you mean sitting on the couch with one eye closed and watching Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, then I'm OK with your evil bidding.
EVIL HEAD GNOME: Oh. Well I'm just going to keep hitting your brain with this pick axe. That's pretty annoying, right??
ME: *Sigh* You win again, Evil Head Gnome.

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