Thursday, May 20, 2010


We're leaving for Florida today to see Ted and Annette. John has known Ted since he was about 11, so there are always REALLY good stories. Last time we were there, Ted said: "Remember that time we blew up that_____?" It stopped there when John cut in suddenly and stopped the story mid-sentence. I think I already knew that my husband (as a child) was a bit of a delinquent. I wonder if now that we're married he'll let Ted tell all the good ones?

I got in trouble this morning for not wanting to get out of bed. I stayed up late last night packing.

JOHN: Good moooooooooorning! Time to get uuuup! {disgustingly cheerful}
ME: Go away. {puts pillow on head}
JOHN: You have to get up so we can go to Florida. {stares at me}
ME: Stop staring at me. I'll get up when you stop staring at me.
JOHN: No - the minute I turn my back you'll be sleeping again. {has been fooled before}

I'm up now - and we're about to get on the road. So probably no blog updates for a couple of days. Have a nice weekend!

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