Friday, May 28, 2010

It's LIST Day!

Today, evidently, is Friday. I only know because today the Kroger cashier asked me if I was ready for the weekend. I imagine that after the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, Captain Crunch cereal, and other various indulgent snack foods rolled down the little grocery conveyor, she assumed I was about to have a heck of an eating binge.

I have decided to make every Friday LIST DAY! And since yesterday we worked in the front yard all day, I don't really have a lot of list fodder. But I *can* tell you that our builder apparently knocked down the house here before ours, dumped red clay on the lot, and built right on top of it. So let's play a little trivia game called:

"Ten Things We Pulled Out of the Dirt in Our Front Yard Yesterday"
1. Eight pieces of jagged broken glass
2. One liquor bottle
3. Four huge rusty nails
4. Three terrified earthworms
5. A length of wire we hope wasn't connected to anything important
6. Two very big old bolts
7. At least five whole bricks
8. Many chunks of concrete
9. A part of chain-link fence
10. A partridge in a pear tree*

*I only added that because I didn't have a number 10. We filled several buckets with what I like to call "yard shrapnel."

You will be happy to know that I didn't even touch a video game today. Read an entire novel, yes, but played Pikmin, no. But my husband is a BAD INFLUENCE. He now wants to play Pikmin with me on the 2-player challenge mode. So I imagine the day will not end without one of us uttering the words: "HE ATE MY RED GUY!" :-)


  1. love it...
    Keep me updated on the yard shrapnel

  2. We had yard shrapnel too.
    We have had so much rain this winter that the driveway had begun to become endangered of washing down the hill. The dogs kept bringing old water filters up out of the ditch. Apparently the previous owner didnt believe in using trash cans. There is an old barbeque grill down there too. We had 26 dump truck loads of dirt dumped, so hopefully that will disallow the dogs from retrieving any other treasures! We left the barbeque grill as a relic for future civilizations to dig up...